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Must-Have Apps That Any Smartphone-Owning Senior Will Love

Technology is changing more quickly than ever, and these days, new phones, computers, tablets and other electronic doohickeys come out every single year, each more complicated and with more bells and whistles. For those of us who grew up before this new age of information, it can seem hard to keep up. But despite all […]

9 Swimming Benefits For Seniors

Swimming is not solely a recreation for the younger generation but provides many benefits for Seniors as well. Whether wanting to join a community swimming program for Seniors, or take a dip in a friend’s pool, enjoy the advantages of swimming this summer. Physical Benefits It is simpler to exercise in water than on land. […]

Walk Tubs Are Amazing for Seniors! In More Ways Than One

What is the cheapest walk-in tub? Are they covered by medicare? Are they worth the hassle? Will you need additional support built into your bathroom? How much do they cost? There are many questions on how to stay clean, healthy and vital when approaching old age and mobility and independence diminish. Our body washing routines […]