Choosing The Right Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to both health and physical appearance, dental care is an utmost priority. This is why you need to choose your toothbrush wisely. From electric toothbrushes to custom toothbrushes and everything in between, here is your guide to picking out your next toothbrush!

The first thing that you need to consider when browsing for a new toothbrush is the size. After all, the toothbrush needs to be able to reach all of your teeth when you brush. At the same time, getting a toothbrush that is too large might make it difficult for you to clean some of the more difficult to reach areas. Once you have decided on size, you need to determine whether you will require soft, medium, or hard bristles. While harder bristles give a more vigorous cleaning, they could damage your teeth or gums if you are someone who brushes their teeth with significant force. No matter which bristles you get, make sure they have rounded tips for optimal protection of your teeth. The next big decision is to choose between a disposable or electric toothbrush. While electric toothbrushes are more expensive, they specialize in giving you a deeper cleaning, which might make the added expense worth it. The electric toothbrush head also needs to be replaced as frequently as a disposable toothbrush, so there is no specific advantage to either option in this regard. If you decide on going electric, then you might want to consider getting a Burst toothbrush. This Burst Sonic Toothbrush is recommended by over 26,000 dentist professionals, particularly due to being one of the best whitening toothbrushes around. Other highly recommended electric toothbrushes brands include Philips, particularly this brand’s Sonicare Toothbrush line, as well as Colgate. Alternatively, you could order a custom toothbrush, which will be specifically designed for your teeth. While more costly, this type of toothbrush will more than make up for its price tag due to its effectiveness.